Love Scent is a floral online shop which provides fresh flower boxes. The idea of arranging fresh flowers in a box is innovative to North America, but it has been popular in Asia for more than 10 years. Flower box is a perfect gift for your loved ones; it is beautiful, elegant and easy to carry. You can forget about getting a vase to place your flowers! The flower box can be displayed as the way it is for more than a week with decent care.

The exterior of the Love Scent flower box may just be a regular cube shaped box with a lid. However, you can definitely surprise the recipient when they open it! Their eyes and noses will be caught by the appearance and smell of the fresh flowers which Love Scent always provides. Not just women will love this flower box, it is also a good option for the men who feel embarrassed carrying a bouquet on the street.

Flower Box

It is often asked, what makes Flower Box unique?

  • Customized box, without the need of an expensive vase
  • Easy portability
  • Easy to gift and surprise recipient
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be kept as dried flowers
  • Beautiful display
  • Care-free maintenance required

This type of floral arrangement originated in Asia. The unique presentation of the floral arrangements has become widely popular as individual and corporate gifts. The concept of Flower Box is to deliver the same experience in Canada.


Selina Szeto is a graduate of OCAD University, who majored in Graphic Design. Selina has worked as a graphic designer in both Hong Kong and Toronto. She designs logos, brochures, posters, toy packaging, advertisements in magazines and newspapers for her clients. She finds passion in creating visual displays, so she loves photography, photo editing and designing wedding and birthday invitations. The skills Selina has gained from previous experiences are definitely a benefit for her as a florist. Both industries require a significant amount of creative inspiration, sense of colour matching and elements balancing.